Devastated by sale of Unity College campus – Kennebec Journal and Morning Sentinel

I just learned that the Unity College campus on Quaker Hill Road is being put on the market. It is a devastating feeling for someone who had the opportunity to truly experience all that Unity College was intended to be.

The 225-acre campus of Unity Environmental University, on Quaker Hill Road in Unity, is being put on the market. The school was formerly known as Unity College. Michael G. Seamans/Morning Sentinel, File

It is clear that the wrong leadership is in place to rescue, rebuild or grow Unity College. It is clear to me that the president did not have the skills needed to make an existing institution better and that the Unity Environmental University board of trustees had ulterior motives. It takes someone who is secure outside of their comfort zone and willing to work outside of their box to get things done in order to take something good and make it great.

When the sale of the Quaker Hill campus happens, Unity College will be wiped off the face of this earth. How fitting for Unity Environmental University to be responsible for the extinction of such a unique institution, which served a student body that was so passionate about the environment and outdoors that they felt no other place than Unity College would help them go out into the world and make a difference.

The need for distance learning or online learning is certainly understood in today’s world. But the great thing that could have come out of Unity College would have been to make that a part of the traditional piece that “America’s Environmental College” was known for.

Rest in peace.

Wayne Stump
Hazleton, Pa.

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