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The Las Vegas Raiders made a significant move in the 2023 NFL offseason by signing quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. This move has sparked excitement among fantasy football enthusiasts. They eagerly anticipate Garoppolo’s performance with his new team in the upcoming season. In this article, we will delve into Garoppolo’s fantasy football outlook for the 2023 NFL season. We will also analyze his 2022 performance, compare him to other players in the same position, and provide a persuasive argument for why he should be a valuable asset to fantasy football teams.

2022 NFL Season Performance

Jimmy Garoppolo’s 2022 NFL season performance was marked by impressive feats, despite facing some injury setbacks. Throughout the season, Garoppolo played in just 11 games, coming in after the injury to San Francisco 49ers QB Trey Lance. As the new starting QB, Jimmy G showcases his prowess on the field. He completed an impressive 67.2 percent of his passes. He also amassed 2,437 yards, 16 touchdowns, and only 4 interceptions. These statistics placed him among the league’s more dangerous quarterbacks. Notably, his 7.9 yards per pass attempt ranked among the best among all active quarterbacks. This underscored his ability to move the ball effectively down the field. Additionally, his passer rating of 103.0 ranked fourth in the league. He was just behind Patrick Mahomes, Tua Tagovailoa, and the guy who replaced him, Brock Purdy. These reflected his remarkable efficiency and decision-making skills.

Under Garoppolo’s leadership, the 49ers attained a commendable 7-3 record before his injury. This demonstrated his capability to steer the team to success. As fantasy football managers look ahead to the 2023 NFL season, Garoppolo emerges as a promising asset. His efficiency and knack for advancing the ball translate into valuable fantasy points, making him a dependable option for consistent production.

Moreover, now that he’s in Las Vegas, his familiarity with offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels’ system and position provide a sense of stability for fantasy football managers. Nevertheless, the Raiders’ decision to choose a quarterback in the 2023 NFL draft could heighten the pressure on Garoppolo to deliver outstanding performances. Overall, his impressive 2022 season sets a solid foundation for an optimistic fantasy football outlook in the upcoming season.

Comparison to Other Players in the Same Position

When evaluating a player’s fantasy football outlook, it is essential to compare them to other players in the same position. In the case of Jimmy Garoppolo, he stands out as a promising option for fantasy football teams. His aforementioned familiarity with McDaniels’ system gives him an advantage. Additionally, Garoppolo’s efficiency, as evidenced by his yards per pass attempt, places him in the company of elite quarterbacks like Tagovailoa, Mahomes, Purdy, and Jalen Hurts. Unfortunately, certain injury concerns have placed Jimmy G outside of many top 10 or even top 20 lists when it comes to the 2023 fantasy football draft rankings. Even guys like Jordan Love and Ryan Tannehill are ahead of him so far.

Persuasive Argument for Garoppolo’s Value

Considering Jimmy Garoppolo’s performance in the 2022 NFL season and his favorable comparison to other quarterbacks, it is clear that he possesses the potential to be a valuable asset in fantasy football.

Again, his efficiency in moving the ball down the field, highlighted by an impressive yards per pass attempt, makes him a reliable option for consistent production. Additionally, his accuracy and decision-making skills contribute to his ability to rack up points on the fantasy scoreboard.

Moreover, the Las Vegas Raiders’ commitment to Garoppolo as their starting quarterback for the upcoming 2023 season provides much-needed stability for fantasy football managers. Knowing that he will be the team’s primary signal-caller eliminates uncertainty and instills confidence in managers who are considering drafting him.

Team Outlook

Speaking of the Raiders, their campaign in the 2023 NFL season is highly anticipated. Keep in mind that the team made significant moves in the offseason, including signing Garoppolo. His addition to the team is expected to have a positive impact on the Raiders’ offense. However, the team’s success will also depend on the performance of their young players and new faces. These include RB Josh Jacobs and wideouts Davante Adams and Jakobi Meyers. Overall, the Raiders’ campaign in the upcoming season is full of potential. As such, Garoppolo’s fantasy football outlook is likely to benefit from his role as the team’s starting quarterback.

2023 Fantasy Outlook

Garoppolo is still on track to be Josh McDaniels’ replacement for Derek Carr in Las Vegas this year. Having said that, off-season foot surgery has left Garoppolo’s health in doubt. Take note that the veteran has played a full season only once in his career. In addition, he’s played double-digit games just three times. We won’t advise drafting him in one-QB leagues even if he’s 100 percent in the preseason. However, you can’t even consider him a two-QB starter until he’s a full go. If the Raiders add another veteran QB in training camp, you can take that as a sign things may not be going well in Garoppolo’s recovery. There are, after all, still some veteran QBs still in the free agency market like Teddy Bridgewater and Carson Wentz.

Looking Ahead

Jimmy Garoppolo’s fantasy football outlook for the 2023 NFL season is wrapped in so much uncertainty. If his injury persists, we don’t see him playing much. On the other hand, if he’s healthy, we’re not sure he’s elite. That said, his impressive performance in 2022, coupled with his efficiency and familiarity with the offensive system, positions him as an intriguing asset for fantasy football teams. Fantasy football managers should consider a lot of factors before drafting Garoppolo. With his skills and the stability provided by the Las Vegas Raiders, he can make a significant impact. However, that’ll only happen if he’s 100 percent healthy and if he plays a full season.

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