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Here’s a driver, folks, who hasn’t had it easy. You could say he’s been spinning his wheels at Ferrari, watching his contemporary rival Max Verstappen dance into the spotlight with victory after victory. You might reckon he’s got a raw deal, being stuck with a car that’s as stubborn as a mule on a cold morning. But Charles Leclerc ain’t no quitter. He’s got the grit, the gumption, the fire in his belly. The Monegasque is stickin’ to Ferrari like bees to honey, waiting for that sweet taste of triumph. Leclerc’s attitude and honesty have marked him as a unique driver. While it helps him on track or not, his fans certainly are not leaving his back.

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In Italy, Leclerc is referred to as “Il Predestinato,” and he acknowledges the immense pressure and responsibility that come with being a Ferrari driver. He embraces the challenge and expresses determination to bring Ferrari back to the top and Leclerc’s connection with the Ferrari faithful has grown stronger. As former F1 racer David Kennedy aptly put it, “I remember when Jean Todt started, he had a tough couple of years till he got the pieces in place. And, when he did, they were dynamite, and I think Fred is in that process…  I think the reward will come for Charles.” This is a testament to the potential rewards that await Leclerc’s steadfast loyalty.


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Take, for instance, a little fan Mario Cammarta’s unwavering support for Charles Leclerc is an expression of admiration, as he put together a video on Instagram with a genuine smile he conveyed his wish of seeing Leclerc at the Italian GP. The message in the video was so sincere that it would melt even the coldest of hearts. “Ciao Charles,” he said, “for me it’s super important that you win the championship, but it’s even more important that you stay the way you are. see you in Monza, ciao!”

The video included a letter, hand-written with the innocence only a child can possess. “Dear Leclerc,” he penned, “I would like to meet you; I hope this year the car will be stronger. I hope that with Fred we will go strong! Have a good year!!! Your tifoso, Francesco.”

It’s as if the young tifoso has an old soul, wise beyond his years. Ain’t that something? He’s not just cheering for a win, he’s celebrating the man behind the wheel, the character, the charm. And who would’ve known that same superstar was once a karting driver whose future in F1 was uncertain?

Charles Leclerc’s unforeseen ascent

In a candid conversation, Nicolas Todt provided insights into the genesis of his collaboration with Charles Leclerc. Contrary to the hindsight-backed narratives often associated with rising stars, Todt admitted, “It would be a lie to say when I first saw him, and I knew that he would be the one.” Todt recalled, “Jules Bianchi became the racing godfather of Charles.” The initial recommendation to meet Leclerc came from Bianchi himself, who noted that the young driver was exceptionally talented but lacked the budget to advance beyond karting.


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Todt’s initial impression was one of friendship rather than foresight. He agreed to meet Leclerc out of respect for Jules Bianchi and his friendship. The meeting with Leclerc and his father left Todt with an understanding of his karting prowess, but he couldn’t have predicted the heights Leclerc would eventually reach. Todt confessed, “I knew he was a good karting driver, but didn’t know he would become vice world champion in 2022 and have everything it takes to become world champion.”

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And who knows? Maybe, just maybe, dreams do come true. Maybe Charles Leclerc will cross that finish line first in Monza, lifting the trophy, and a young fan’s heart, sky-high.

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